Smart Exercise Programming

Alethiex: for coaches and clinicians to build and deliver smart exercise programs for their clients, patients and athletes.

Smart Data In, Smart Data Out!

Alethiex provides any practitioner the ability to create and customize their personal exercise library, and dynamically deliver robust programming to their clientele.


Alethiex is bringing you pre-developed exercise libraries from industry leading professionals! Install and customize to your specifications to enrich your practice!


Dynamic Exercise Builder

Unorganized data is the enemy to an easily distributed exercise library. We have a unique exercise creation platform that removes all of the guesswork for naming and organization.

Robust Program Creator

Create complex programming templates for your team to distribute all in one place. Define and customize all sections of a workout. Add sessions and custom delivery sequence. Build complex sessions with support for all types of circuits and other protocols!

Partner Libraries

Alethiex is working with industry leaders to bring you complete libraries of exercises and programming, which can be installed and integrated with your personal library. You can completely brand and customize the media content to fit your needs and make everything match your business.